Thursday, April 30, 2009


Two things to know about me:
1.) I'm English
2.) My brain thinks I'm constantly in a particularly witty episode of Frasier

I live in Philadelphia but I grew up in England and have come to notice some distinct differences in the way people say thank you over here versus over there. So you do someone a favour and you (usually) get a fairly ernest 'thanks' or 'thank you'... Boring! Some people have even taken to yelling it which confuses the fuck out of me. Are you just showing me your wide-eyed teeth-baring gratitude? Are you about to tackle me and punch your thank-yous into my brain? Why are you shouting at me??!!
I've always been a fan of the quintessentially English variations on the theme. But whenever I've tried using 'Nice one mate', 'Ta muchly' or the especially droll 'Murcky buckets' I'm greeted with a face equivalent to looking closely at a canteloupe melon.
Are there any other ways of saying thank you that have that East-coast flavour? I just thought of 'thanks buddy' but that's something I could never say. Unless your name really is Buddy and you do me a huge solid.

It could be that expressions of gratitude come in the form of returning the favour - somehow that seems more American to me. One of my neighbours is always bringing over left over food. That's not as disgusting as it initially sounds. She's in the catering business and she brings over really good food from parties they've catered. A former neighbour used to refurbish guns in his basement so after helping him with, well, whatever he asked for, I knew my house was now under his protective (if somewhat frightening) shroud. Even though he was probably the only gun owner in the area...

Anyway, having thought about it, perhaps it says a lot more than I realised about my American friends that they make such grand offerings for the little favours I do for them. As long as they don't mind a 'Cheers mate' in return from me.

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This is hilarious!